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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering from IVFPharmacy
Can you provide me with a quote?
Of course, you can send us a copy of your prescription by fax or email and we will be happy to let you know which meds can be supplied and what the total cost should be. Alternatively, it might be quicker to check the price of your meds via our website by simply adding each drug in the right quantity to your shopping basket.
Do I need a prescription? How do I get it to you?
Yes. We will not begin processing any order without a prescription from your doctor or clinic. You can fax your prescription to us on 1-800-935-6568 or send is by email to Your prescription should be signed, dated and clearly state the drugs required and the dose.
My clinic has already sent a copy of my prescription to you – do I need to resend it once I've placed my order?
If you have been contacted by IVFPharmacy with regard to your prescription, there is no need to resend your prescription when you complete your order.
Can I order quantities that are more or less than appear on my prescription?
There are some simple rules that can help out here.

Ordering Less:
  • If you already have some of the meds or if you need to purchase some for immediate use locally, your order to IVFPharmacy should be for less than appears on your prescription.
  • A pharmacist may contact you to check that there has been no mistake when placing the order.

Ordering More:
  • If you have refills on your prescription, you can order up to 3 months' worth of medications in advance
  • You can order more than has been prescribed when the packet / box sizes do not allow for the dispensing of the exact dose. For example, if you have been prescribed 32 vials of Menopur which is sold in boxes of 10 vials, you can order 40 vials
Why doesn't IVFPharmacy supply all the medications that appear on my prescription?
If we are unable to sell a specific drug, it is because of one of the four following reasons:
  • Shipping Requirements: The medication requires special storage conditions that we cannot guarantee during international shipping (e.g. constant refrigeration)
  • Not in Stock: Our system prevents customers from purchasing medications that are not in stock and that we know experiencing global shortages.
  • Restricted Medications: As required by law, we do not sell psychotropic drugs (such as Valium) online
  • Cheaper Locally: We will let you know when you are prescribed a drug (e.g. baby aspirin) that is available locally at a better price.
Who dispenses the medications?
Our pharmacists all received their licenses from the Ministry of Health after completing a university degree and an internship under strict supervision. In addition, they are constantly updated with the latest developments and drug information.
Our highly experienced staff are available to answer any of your questions. Feel free to contact our IVF experts.
Can I return any of my medicines?
No, the law prevents us from taking back any medicines once they have left the pharmacy. Once drugs have been delivered we cannot accept returns.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs $25.00 per order, irrespective of size, for fully-trackable, express international delivery. There is no mark up on shipping costs - this is the amount we pay our shipping provider (EMS).
How quickly can I expect my order to be delivered?
Our goal is to get your order processed, shipped and in your hands within 5-10 business days. Delivery to the USA and Europe is generally 5-7 business days after your order ships, though we have had some orders arrive after just 4 days. Since there are sometimes delays that are beyond our control (i.e. Customs and/or shortage of the requested medication), we recommend placing orders at least two weeks before you require your medication.

We ship all orders by express courier service within 48 hours of receiving your prescription, order and payment.

You will be able to track your order's progress through a tracking number that we will send you by email once the order is dispatched.

Order in Advance

Remember: Don't leave ordering your meds until the last moment. The price savings we offer are because we dispense your fertility medication from abroad – delivery will take longer than an order within the US.
I need my order this week. Do you offer expedited shipping or next day delivery?
We have tested various expedited shippers over the years and will continue to search for a reliable partner, but to date, the results have been extremely unreliable and so we do not currently offer an expedited service. Our shipping provider has proven to be the most reliable and cost-effective service on offer, with over 90% of orders arriving within a week of dispatch.

We recommend making your order at least two weeks in advance of your treatment start date.
Why does IVFPharmacy require an ID number (social security, passport or driver's license number)?
By law IVFPharmacy requires a valid ID in order to process your order. IVFPharmacy will never share your personal details to anyone other than the dispensing pharmacy.
Are there any additional or hidden charges?
The only charges you will pay are the cost of your drugs as listed on our website and a $25.00 shipping charge. Your order includes all US taxes.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept payment via electronic check (ACH), Zelle, bank transfer or direct deposit into our US corporate bank account. These options are all free (unlike wire transfers). You can also mail in a check but this takes much longer to process and is not advised. Unfortunately we no longer accept credit cards due to a decision by Visa and MasterCard not to work with international pharmacies.
Full details are provided when placing your order
Will I need to calculate the currency exchange when I pay?
No. All prices on our web site are listed in US Dollars, and payment is accepted in U.S. currency.
Can I pay with a medical insurance credit card?
Medical insurance cards will not accept charges from international pharmacies. We do however provide customers with itemized receipts which can be used to make a claim where the policy permits.
Money Back Guarantee - Terms & Conditions
We offer a Money Back guarantee for any orders that are not delivered within two weeks of dispatch. The following terms and conditions apply.
  • Money Back guarantee is only available for orders shipped to the US.
  • The two week guarantee is measured from the time of dispatch (not from the time of ordering) until the first attempted delivery.
  • The Money Back guarantee does not include delays due to the customer not collecting the package or arranging re-delivery.
  • The Money Back guarantee does not include delays due to US customs.
  • Customers must contact IVFPharmacy to check if they qualify for the guarantee and must follow the order rejection procedure that will be outlined. If you choose to accept the medications upon delivery, you waive the right to claim the guarantee.
Do you ship to Israel?
IVFPharmacy does not supply medication within Israel.
About IVF Pharmacy
How do you manage to offer such low prices for IVF drugs?
By purchasing online you are able to receive the best prices available across the world – not just those on your doorstep.

In the US and much of Europe, the price of medications is fixed by the manufacturers and retailers. IVFPharmacy arranges to have your prescription dispensed from countries where governments limit the drug prices. The end result can be a saving of as much as 70%.
Am I allowed to import these meds? Are there any limits on the medications I can order?
In the USA, you are entitled to order drugs from abroad provided the following criteria are met:
  • You have a valid prescription from your doctor
  • Medications purchased are for personal use and not for resale
  • The order is for a maximum of three months of treatment
About our Fertility Medications
Are IVFPharmacy medications safe?
We only sell brand fertility medications, all of which have been made under internationally established Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. In addition, all medications have been certified by the FDA and the Israeli Ministry of Health.
Are the medications you sell the same as those I would receive from my fertility clinic or local pharmacy?
We dispense the same drug as appears on your prescription. These are always top-quality branded medicines from leading pharmaceutical companies. There are a few things that can be different from the version sold in the US:

Brand Name: Some drugs are sold under different brand names in different countries. For example, Follistim, manufactured by Ferring goes by the name of Puregon in Europe.

Language: The main language on the packaging may vary, but the insert will always contain drug information in English.

Quantity: A box of a medication in the US may contain 10 pills while in Germany it includes 15 and in Israel 28. For this reason, we always list the number of pills / vials / syringes being purchases and not the number of boxes.

Packaging: Occasionally the drugs in the US are packaged differently from other places in the world. For example:
Menopur: In the US, Menopur ships with Q Caps which facilitate the mixing of the drug with the diluent. While Q Caps make the process easier, the rest of the world manages well enough with traditional glass vials!
Endometrin: This vaginal suppository comes with disposable applicators when sold in the US. Outside the US, it is sold with a reusable applicator.
Significant differences will normally be listed on the relevant drug page as you create your order.
Do my fertility medications require any special transport or storage conditions?
IVFPharmacy will enclose details of any special storage requirements with your order. We do not ship medications that require constant refrigeration and ship all meds in line with the manufacturers' instructions.
Can I purchase needles, syringes and other accessories through IVFPharmacy?
We specialize in providing expensive fertility medications at the lowest possible cost. Needles, syringes, sharps containers and other accessories are relatively inexpensive and can complicate international shipping - therefore we recommend you purchase these locally.
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