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IVF Drugs Price Comparison

Buying fertility drugs online from outside the US can save you $1,000’s and substantially assist in making the next step of your fertility treatment a reality. Fertility meds in the US costs much more than in other countries. Why is this?

In the US, IVF drug prices aren't capped or regulated. As a result, a pharmacy might sell one drug at double the price being charged by another pharmacy on the next block. Generally speaking, specialist pharmacies in the US tend to offer better pricing and delivery times, while local pharmacies and those located near clinics are more expensive. Even if you are in a rush, it makes sense to check the price you have been quoted with at least one other pharmacy. A good tool to use is They show you online which pharmacies in your area are cheaper and they also offer coupons.
Buying your fertility meds online can save you even more money than shopping around local pharmacies. Did you know that you are entitled to have your prescription dispensed at the pharmacy of your choice?
People who don't know that they have this option can end up paying thousands of dollars more than necessary for their fertility medications. It definitely pays to do your research and shop around.
For example, ordering your fertility meds online from IVFPharmacy opens up a whole new scale of savings. By supplying the same brand meds from Israel or Europe, IVFPharmacy can save you up to 70% of the cost of your US prescription.
This IVF drug comparison chart compares the cheapest GoodRX price to the online prices found at IVFPharmacy. It gives you some idea of just how much can be saved by shopping online for IVF drugs.
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Order in Advance!
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What's the catch?
There's no catch, the IVF drug prices on IVFpharmacy are real and so are the drugs.
When ordering fertility meds online you need to remember 2 things:
1. Stay within FDA guidelines for importation of meds for personal use
Orders are accompanied by a valid prescription.
Medications are for personal use and not for resale.
Quantity ordered is for no more than three months.
2. Order in advance
Remember that the drugs take a little longer to arrive since they are being shipped internationally. Although most orders arrive in 7-10 days, we recommend ordering two weeks in advance to allow for delays that are out of our control.
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